Our vision and commitment

Our vision and commitment

         We believe that being a professional in this particular field of dangerous goods transportation we must do it with awareness of quality, safety, concern for society and the environment, comply with the laws will bring the business sustainable growth. Therefore, D.G.Trans International Co., Ltd. has focused on dangerous goods transport service by road and managed by knowledgeable, experienced and competent personnel. Moreover, the serviced vehicles and containers are customized and designed individually according to each customer’s requirements and laws specifically. Finally, the Transportation Management System has been certified in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Standard and including Transportation Quality Standard from the Department of Land Transport. Thus, these factors ensure that all products are delivered to destination safely as our promised.

"Customer Impression" is our most important goal.

         Staffs of D.G.Trans International Co., Ltd. are cultivated values ​​to always aware that quality and quantity of goods delivered need to be secured from the loading point to the destination safely and on-time. Furthermore, our delivery service has been done with social and environmental responsibility and also conformed to regulations and laws. In addition, we create the new ways of working to assist our customers to acquire the most benefit from our transportation service. These are our duty, value and responsibility and transformed them into a corporate culture that becomes the foundation of our company to reach the ultimate goal “Customer Impressions”.

10 Missions to deliver to customers.

         We believe that customers would expect the professional transport service provider for dangerous goods delivery. Since we are an experienced transporter, we have designed the management system, workflows and operation process to match the customer’s needs and expectations. Furthermore, by understanding the problems and obstacles from customers, it will assist us to develop of the transportation service process to meet the highest customer’s satisfaction as well. Thus, the following goals are customer’s benefits for us to achieve.

  1. We must transport the goods to the destination without any contamination and maintaining the same quality for every trip.
  2. We must transport the goods to the destination on-time.
  3. We must assist our customers to get a compliment from consignee by good practise and compliant with our customer's requirements.
  4. We must contribute to the good image of the customer by providing polite service and compliance with the requirements. Especially, the truck driver.
  5. We will support our customers to achieve their safety goals by managing their transportation to ensure maximum safety by without accident and leakage of goods occurs during the transportation operation.
  6. We must be good partners by giving the suggestion to improve when problems or barriers are encountered in the transportation process and also advise the clients to improve their safety and effective operation.
  7. We must continually report our performance and offer the better work process to our clients.
  8. We must contribute to reduce the cost and operating costs of customers.
  9. We must be a good transportation advisor for our clients by providing relevant information and also advise correct practices when there are any changes or amendments to the laws relating to the transportation of dangerous goods.
  10. We must be a serious and sincere business partner to our customers by assisting customers to protect any loss or damage to the property. Moreover, we would be reputation of customer image and be a part of customer to help them to expand their business.

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